Does it make you stress to leave your dog at the groomer for hours? ….Are you tired of spending hundreds of dollars a year on dog grooming?…. Have you purchased a lot of grooming products, and out of fear done nothing?

I understand.  I truly do. After growing up with a love for dogs, and leaving the United States Air Force I became an AKC Maltese Show breeder for 8 years.  It was wonderful to do while staying home with my sons. However, after my fourth child, my daughter was born I retired from showing and breeding. I decided to create a new pet business called Doggy Bow to enable me to stay in the dog community.  I now own Groom at Home to educate other pet owners how to groom at home and make life easier for themselves, their dogs and their pocketbook!

My desire is to share my 20+ years of experience and techniques for dog grooming.  There are dog grooming tools, and methods that are easy to maintain your dog in a cute dog hairstyle. Or perhaps you have a puppy bought as a show dog and you need help, I can help with that as well. Paws Up, High Five! Welcome to Groom at Home! Carrie

Inner Circle

Simple Dog Grooming at Home

  • Community: Groomer; trainer support for grooming questions and engaging group for support.
  • Save Money & Time: Our lessons will not only build confidence they with save you time and money.:
  • 24/7 Access: Video & course materials, plus the private Facebook group with lifetime access.

Students Testimonials

Joy B.

If you charged $450.00 for your course they wouldn’t have said a word. I raised, bred and showed Arabian horses for 30 years and found out that the more you ask for the more you and you’re animal was respected. When I first started out and gave much lower prices, trying to help the buyer also or so I thought but I soon learned that the horse was not treated the way it should be. Long story short , sometimes it just hurts when you try to help others out.

The course is fabulous!! I love that it is information from someone I can trust and that I can watch as many times as I like. I am learning so much and Tallulah has evolved very quickly from an anxious little puppy when she first came home to me at 12 weeks old into a calm little angel or bathing and grooming are concerned at 10 months. Thank you Carrie. You have given me the skills I need to care for my dream little Maltese, and the confidence to keep her coat long. Something I didn’t think I could ever do. My hand doesn’t shake when I hold my scissors anymore!


 I want to thank you for all that you do for us at Maltese Grooming Academy. (love the name). I have learned so much from you and all the products that you have recommended… brushes, diet, shampoos, etc, plus all the little tips that I would have never thought of, as well as your educational videos which are awesome. You are so generous in sharing your knowledge and the gift of your experiences for OUR Maltese.

Thank You Carrie for all the information you have given me. Without your help, I might not have been able to give the care that my “Prince” has needed. Thank You, and keep it coming. You’re great at what you do and know.