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I grew up with a love for dogs, and that love has never left.  Literally, my whole adult life has been about my kids; and my love for dogs. At 20 years old I had my first son and left the United States Air Force. I decided to be a stay-at-home mom and after trying a few things became an AKC Maltese Show breeder for 8 years.  I learned a lot about the breed and met many wonderful families who adopted my Maltese pets. Raised and finished a few Maltese champions.  It was an adventure for me and my family for sure. However, after my fourth child, my daughter was born I retired from showing and breeding. in 2007 I founded a new pet business called Doggy Bow.  I was able to stay connected to the dog community. In 2014 for a couple of years, I worked at a pet retail store and went on to manage a boarding and doggy daycare.

After returning to working at home again, I created Maltese Groom and welcomed many students to my grooming course, That then became Groom at Home to educate dog owners on how to groom at home and make life easier for themselves, their dogs, and their pocketbook! My desire is to share my 20+ years of experience and techniques for dog grooming.  There are dog grooming tools and methods that are easy to maintain your dog in a cute dog hairstyle. Or perhaps you have a puppy bought as a show dog and you need help. Veterinarians, dog trainers, dog breeders, and dog groomers all see a need for dog grooming to be maintained for a dog’s health and well-being at home. I feel called to help them all. Paws Up, High Five! Welcome to Groom at Home!

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