Helping Dog Owners for Over 20 Years

In 1999 I decided I wanted a Maltese, and I adopted “Keller” my first Maltese.  He was a cute boy, but had a coat like a bichon and after one trip to the groomer I knew I had to learn to groom myself, at home.  I bought my first pair of Oster Dog Clippers and began to learn, little by little.
After a couple years I decide to adopt two more girls, Cady and Kira (littermates) and decided to become a Maltese breeder. I was a small hobby breeder with only a couple litters per year.  I did in fact purchase puppies and finish several to be AKC Maltese Champions. I learn to train them to walk on lead, stand on the table amongst other things a show dog must learn. I was a AKC Maltese breeder for 8 years. Being a AKC Maltese breeder was a great learning experience not only with the dogs, but also the people. Most people do not realize the amount of work involved and money. Learning to show a dog and groom them in an in-depth process and one that is expected if you plan to expand your breeding lines or acquire lines from the best breeders. I had four children and decided to retire in 2007 from breeding after my youngest child, my daughter was born. I decided to start a company handmaking dog bows, and established, and have enjoyed served dog owners since then.
My mission now is to e
mpower owners to raise, train and groom their dogs for a healthy long life.

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Haley, our sweet English Labrador is 12 years young and the sweetest girl you could imagine.  She came to us at 8 weeks old, I was thrilled to have a Yellow Lab since as a child I grew up with a Golden Retriever and he began my love for dogs.


Maybelline our 10 year old Maltese from Ta-Jon Maltese is our sweet girl who is often seen in our grooming videos.  The amazing thing is she loves it so much and never tires of me trying to groom products on her or regrowing her coat AGAIN, to teach others how to groom Maltese coat successfully.


Jazzy is our little Yorkshire Terrier and she is every thing I wanted when I choice to add a Yorkie to our family. She is sweet, and outgoing yet has spice and courage with I want to take her on a rode trip she loves it! She enjoys being groomed and playing with Leo her big brother. She is about 4 1/2 pounds and is a solid, healthy little girl.