Hello my friend, welcome to you and your sweet pet.  I am thrilled you stopped by, and have a love for pets as much as I do. After nearly 20 years of owning Maltese, and now also a Yorkie, a poodle mix and a yellow lab I understand the wants, needs and struggles on the dog community. When shopping for grooming products I have seen it; the amount of products on the market is OVERWHELMING.  I also understand that each grooming session is $50 and UP and perhaps you want to save time and money.  I am here to HELP YOU.  My Inner Circle is an affordable way to join a community and gain knowledge while becoming for skilled and confident while grooming at home.

 Jan Stewart

I enjoy being a part of the Groom at Home Inner Circle. I love the videos and Zoom meetings. On Zoom Carrie and other members share valuable information on grooming, it’s a great Maltese owner community. During a recent FB live grooming session, I was able to ask a specific question about my personal dog’s grooming need and not only did I get an immediate answer , Carrie showed us how to do it! Thanks Carrie for all the videos, meetings and responses to text messages to help us on our grooming journey!

Casey Kimpel

Love all her classes: Inner Circle, Groom at Home, Tutorials, Videos and Zoom meetings!! Learn so much every time and look forward to our times together. Yes, and like all her products, especially the grooming tub leash! Everyone should have one!