No Refund Policy for Online Course & Educational Website

Effective as of 11/25/2023

Thank you for choosing the Groom at Home online course. Please read our No Refund Policy carefully before purchasing the course to ensure you fully understand our terms.

1. Digital Course Content:
This course and all articles are delivered as digital content with a possible one-time fee. Due to the nature of digital information being irretrievable once accessed, we do not offer refunds under any circumstances. Your purchase of \”Groom at Home\” represents your agreement to this no-refund policy.

 2. No Guarantee of Success:
Groom at Home provides educational content related to dog grooming. However, we do not guarantee any specific outcomes or results from the application of this knowledge. Success in grooming depends on various individual factors, including the user’s dedication, the dog’s behavior, and the specific context of grooming.

3. Liability Waiver:
Groom at Home, its creators, and instructors take no responsibility for any actions undertaken by you, the dog owner, during or after completing the course. Any grooming mistakes or injuries caused to either the dog or the owner are solely the responsibility of the individual applying the techniques.

4. Educational Purpose:
All lessons, methods, and product recommendations in this course are provided for educational purposes only. They are based on the instructor’s personal opinions and experiences. We offer no warranties or guarantees regarding the effectiveness, safety, or specific outcomes of these methods and products.

5. Personal Responsibility:
By purchasing and participating in Groom at Home you acknowledge and agree that all grooming actions are performed at your own risk. It’s recommended to always consider professional advice for specific or critical grooming needs.

6. Acknowledgment:
By completing your purchase, you signify your agreement to this No Refund Policy. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us before making your purchase.

Groom at Home

This policy is intended to make the terms of purchase clear and protect both the provider and the consumer. Please ensure it aligns with local laws and regulations, and consider having it reviewed by a legal professional for completeness and compliance.”