Groom Your Dog at Home

Pride + Groom

STEP 1: Choose a Shampoo



Band Removal Scissors $5.50
6 1/2" Small Grooming Scissors $7.95
Bands 100 / Pack
Small All Systems Slicker Brush
Slicker Brush $9.95
Tweezers $2.50
Rat Tail Comb for Top Knots $3.95
White Wrapping Bands $5.50 per 100 pack
Perm Papers for Top Knots $6.00 Each
Pasley Paper Wraps 50 sheets $1.00
Patriotic Paper Wraps 50 sheets $1.00
Black Dog Grooming Pillow $24.95
Maltese & Hearts $12.95 Washable Cotton Face Mask
Vetoquinol Enzadent Enzymatic Poultry-Flavored Toothpaste $3.95
Grooming Tub Leash

This is a sink bathing harness to have on your dog while bathing them. It will keep them safe and also hold them still.
How is this harness different than most?

  1. It is slightly stretchy for comfort.
  2. This will not go across your dog’s neck to prevent trachea damage.
  3. It is rot resistant, fade-resistant, and durable, made in the USA.

A sink hook is included for attaching to the side of the sink or tub.

The size will be for dogs up to 10 pounds.